A salon for independent artists & guests to thrive in!

Who We Are

We are an independent chair rental hair salon. Our beautiful team is diverse, passionate and eager to change the way you see beauty.

Artist’s have their own businesses within our space.  Each stylist is has their specialty, and rest assured that any of our talented team members are able to take great care of you!

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Meet Katie and Stacey, a mother daughter duo determined to influence living life more beautifully. Driven by a mission to inspire and expand the perception of beauty.

Stacey originally opened URBAN in 2000 and has been redefining it’s role ever since, why? Because we, as humans reinvent ourselves depending on where we are at in life, what we have gone through and where we want to go. 

After 12 years working together, Stacey and Katie felt it was only natural to partner since mutual respect brought them this far.  They’re perseverance to collaborate together provided the secret sauce to create a Pre-Eminent Vermont Salon for entrepreneurial  thinking stylists who value a collaborative work environment.

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We  don’t sell you out, but we will keep you informed. LIFE is always evolving so don’t get left out!

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Welcome! We are an independent chair rental salon and protect our positive vibing culture, therefore want to make sure we (you and us) connect with the right values in mind before we take up one another’s valuable time.  PLEASE be YOU, we are not looking for cookie cutter stylist, we thrive on diversity and positive energy and want you to come as you are every day.  The more info about you the better.

New Cut Inquiry

Welcome! Thank you for your cut request here at Urban, we are excited to work with you. As an independent stylist salon, each stylist controls their own schedule, however we will do our best to match you up to a stylist. It’s important for us to get to know your needs and desires better.