Welcome beautiful people
to Urban’s Conscious Lifestyle Salon & Gift Boutique

Hi, I’m Stacey, here at Urban we believe you get one life and you should LIVE it as life intended you to.

I founded URBAN Salon,  ChairShare™ and URBAN LifeStyle affordable luxury haircare by using my 25+ years of experience to create better options for clients and artists. Here at URBAN, artists are independent, what this means is that artists are solopreneurs with their own microbusiness under one roof! 

Urban boutique items are consciously chosen with inspiration for a healthy and stylish lifestyle. Items are either created by women or has a philanthropic message by contributing to improving our world.

When looking for a service you can connect with your preferred stylists independent scheduling link.

URBAN Lifestyle affordable luxury products is named “LifeStyle” as it contributes to transitioning the lives of those affected by human trafficking and into the world of cosmetology so they too can live the life they dreamed of. 

We thank you for choosing it for your home care being a significant part of changing the way the world sees beauty!

We strive to better ourselves and the world around us.

Hey Hair Artists!

ChairShare™ is putting a new spin on the traditional chair rental structure. 

Step into freedom, flexibility and financial abundance with the career you’ve been longing for.

ChairShare™ allows stylists to set their own schedules in blocks of time only paying for the time you’re actually behind the chair, no more paying for unused time. Need more time? No problem, FLEX time is a benefit only offered with  ChairShare™ membership. Selfcare benefits is the new healthcare, a robust list of professionals and organizations catering to our members at a discount, heck you even earn 4 weeks of vacation!  Check out “join URBAN” tab to learn more.