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Connect Through Tea

The connection between soulful beauty and external beauty is powerful and real – what is the true meaning of connection? Connection is defined as the state of being connected: such as a causal or logical relation or sequence; the connection between two ideas. 

At Urban the goal is for you to feel beautiful beyond the reflection in the mirror. The way you feel in our care, from music… light, communication, cleanliness/sanitation and with the beautiful product offerings. 

 The connection between your internal being and external image forms from how you feel about those products. Where there sourced from, how they perform, and who created them.  It’s a beautiful feeling when you know your supporting local entrepreneurs who are connected to their purpose or companies with a philanthropic passion.  I believe when when we look good, we feel good and when we feel good we’ll do good and the world certainly needs more people doing good.

I am honored to connected some pretty cool leading ladies who are doing all of the above.  Our collaboration’s mission is to provide a connection for your inner soul with a beautiful cup of tea.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful cup of tea? What makes it a beautiful cup of tea? The connection of women behind and their beautiful creations.  


Mindy, misuba

Mindy rediscovered her love of tea during a hiking trip in Australia. Bogged down with the literal weight of all she carried on her back, a rest during the hike with a cuppa changed her perspective. “In this otherworldly landscape, surrounded by ancient boulders, white sand, and turquoise water as far as the eye could see, under the bluest of blue of skies, the sound of waves rolling onto the shore, it was a cup of tea that allowed me to take it all in and truly lose myself in these incredible surroundings.”

She longed to create, but her corporate job didn’t allow it, however, COVID gifted her an opportunity. Since then she’s set out on a journey to create therapeutic blends of teas from quality organic ingredients and are sustainably packaged by hand in Vermont.

Ariel, Ariel’s Honey Infusions

Ariel, the founder of Ariel’s Honey Infusions, is passionate about her product. She has handcrafted all creations and designs for the past nine years. Living and working in Vermont, she always surrounds herself with the beauty of plants and the sound of bees.

Ariel’s Honey Infusions inspires families to keep bees, communities to plant pollinator-friendly gardens and support local organic farms.


LotusWei’s purpose is  “putting you in touch with that part of yourself that’s so big, you can’t even conceive of it.” The flower elixirs created by Katie “squish six months of personal growth into one.” 

Long-term effects of using flower essences: your inner landscape changes and your outer landscape starts to reflect that new reality back to you. You may get out of relationships that don’t work, form new ones that do, start new career paths, do things you used to be afraid of, and walk with a little more swagger.”

Connect your internal beauty with your exterior image by experiencing them for yourself. Click below to learn more about these beautiful products you need to nourish your body and soul.


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