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The Art of Color

What is color transition?

There are times when you want to transition the color into either another color or give it a different appearance in more than one visit. In any event the hair must go through a transitional process before it becomes maintenance. For example, growing out colored hair to its natural color would require time for growth as well as keeping the appearance from looking two different colors. Usually transition requires a minimum of six months and three visits to evolve the color in the most gentle way.

What is color correction?

In short…where you can’t leave the house because your color is so bad! You know who you are too, you said in the hair color isle at the grocery store, how hard can it be? To make it really simple, if you pick up a box of color because the picture is exactly what you want, it will in fact look different on a brown haired girl than a blonde haired girl. So when that box with the beautiful red head gets put on the blonde girl and it comes out looking like the Campbell soup kids then it’s time for color correction. It can take more than one visit and the visits can be very timely and costly. We start every correction with a mineral removal so that we remove as much build up as possible naturally, we will then re-evaluate and make a plan.

What is the difference between a glaze and color balance?

There are a number of factors that would dictate whether to glaze or not depending on the hair’s porosity, density and desired outcome. Glazing will provide more transparency to the overall look, so if you are a blonde and want to “juice” up your tired ends for over styling or sun exposure there are shear options so that you don’t lose the brightness in your blonde. Color balancing means that you are going to marry the root, middle and ends so that they are seamless. Both options have varying degrees of durability and color contrast. All glazing and color balancing services provide an added condition and shine to the hair, (these are much difference than toners) Glazes and toner should never be done with left over retouch color just for the simple fact that re growth color is designed for virgin hair and glazes/balancing is designed for already colored hair.

What’s a MINI retouch or HILITE?

The “mini” was born in 2009 when finance america ruptured. Guests were trying to stretch their color or hilight out a little longer with not much success to their image. Like we say “if your going to have colored hair, keep it colored”, however guests were trying to find a way to stretch their money. That’s when the mini was born. We realized that stretching it could happen if roots didn’t show, so how to make it affordable and profitable in the salon? A customary retouch occurs 4-6 weeks for grey coverage and 6-8 weeks for hilights however you really start seeing it about 2 weeks prior but natural hair grows on an average of a half an inch per month so getting your visually noticeable hair touched up would extend your full retouch another month. In essence, a mini is performed at four weeks and full retouch at eight for a fraction of the cost.! How is the cost effective? It is performed Tuesday-Friday only from 10 am 3:45 pm when it is less demanded time for sale. There is less time and product used and mini retouches are placed in a holding space for whomever is available that day so you may get someone different every time.

What’s the difference between ½ , ¾ & full head highlight?

While most guests will decide highlight size by cost, we as professionals measure it by the guests desired outcome. A ½ head highlight is simple, it’s the front half of the head ear to ear, while a ¾ allows the crown of the head down to the top of the occipital bone (with one or two behind each ear. A full head of highlights is exactly that, the full head. Each size’s price is based on time and the amount of product for an average head so if you happen to have extra thick hair and it requires more product you should expect an extra bowl of product charge. Prices are based on “retouches”, therefore a new highlight or making your already blonde light will require a lot more product. Your desired outcome is the deciding factor for size however if your budget dictates differently then you should always communicate that, with our experience most are disappointed if price trumps the expectation and then it costs more tan $10 -$20 like it could have to come back.

Do I need a base softening?

Did you ever wonder how life would be as a natural blonde? Base softening allowed wanna be natural blondes be just that. It’s a five minute service that lifts your natural base color approximately a half of a level, and while that may not seem like much, it is and a little lift will marry your natural color to your highlight color perfectly. If your the blonde that is getting a highlight every 6-8 week then you would benefit from softening the base and in some instances it will allow you to extend your highlight service 2-4 weeks!

Hair Facial or seasonal cleanse?

The Urban Salon team colorists recommend a seasonal cleanse at the start of spring/summer and the start of winter. You’ll fall in love with treatment after your first time. Just as the colors change around us through the seasons, so should your color. It gently removes lingering color that complicates the deposit or lift of new color tones by adhering to the hair shaft. Cleansing removes toxins and tones that prevent new ones to be there best. Think of like this…are you going to get a true yellow wall if it starts out white or blue? Exactly!

A hair facial is one of the most luxurious treatments for your hair. It’s a gentle mineral detoxification with a blend of vitamins and processed with heat. Unless your using bottled water on your hair you have minerals. Mineral build up acts as a shield for color and conditioners as well as contributing weight preventing optimum volume and bounce to all hair types. You’ll then finish with a protein pack of vitamins and minerals to restore your locks to their optimum health and performance. It seals the cuticle for a smooth, shiny finish! This treatment is required for all new color guests to our salon, however new haircut clients are catching on too!

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