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Services and Pricing

Pricing  and services are different for each artists as they are independent solopreneurs,  this page serves as a guide for Urbans’ founder and master stylist Stacey, please visit ARTISTS  for more detailed information.

 We ask that you help us maintain a relaxing atmosphere for both stylists and guests by silencing your devices and refraining from cell conversations, or watching videos. To further ensure all clients enjoy their salon experience, we also request that children not attend salon appointments.

Cut & Style

Each cut & style session begins with a personalized consultation (regardless of how much is being cut) to ensure your desired outcome is understood, followed by our signature cranial sacral massage shampoo and finishes with a personalized style prescribed home care routine to ensure your hair health and style’s success in between visits.  Please note that blow out styles for thicker, denser, or longer hair will require an additional 15 minutes and a $25 upgrade.

The Root of It all

Your blow dry style is included in the color pricing.

Please note: blow dry styles for thicker, denser, or longer hair will require an additional 15 minutes with a  $25 upgrade charge.

Every clients’ color creation is unique to you, your pricing is determined by your hair density & length and condition, recommendations are based on your desired outcome, please  inquire about pricing prior to services if you have a specific budget to work around.

Dimensional Color Designing


(priced to be combined with retouch)


Texture Treatments

All texture services require a consultation,  72-hour cancellation request with $150 non-refundable deposit

Formal Styling

Unique Treatments

Compromised and healthy hair alike can benefit from Urban’s preventative and recovery treatments.

If you want:We suggest:Benefits:
MINIMIZE COLOR FADINGGoldwell Color Locking Serum ($9)FadeStopFormula actively strengthens the anchoring of color molecules to minimize fading for 22 shampoos. 
LUSTER & PROTECTIONOribe Shine Gloss ($20)5-minute high gloss top-coat creates ultimate shine
REMOVE SCALP BUILDUPOribe Scalp Therapy Treatment ($30)Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp and Oribe’s powerful exfoliating scrub polishes the scalp to remove oil, dirt and excess buildup, while alpha hydroxy acids from fruit & milk sugars clean, leaving pores primed for the soothing condition treatment.
5 minute magical deep cleanse with antioxidant recovery treatment derived from the sunflower to soothe cuticle layer from free radicals and sun/harsh weather damage.
COUNTER THE EFFECTS OF HARD WATER AND MINERAL DEPOSITS (I.e. flaky scalp, dull hair, etc.)Mineral Removal ($25)This unique service aids in cleansing all minerals deposited from the environment and unfiltered water.
Facial Waxing

 To protect your sensitive skin we use natural shrink wrap for all waxing services.

Hello & Welcome!

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BE Connected

We  don’t sell you out, but we will keep you informed. LIFE is always evolving so don’t get left out!

Urban Career Inquiry

Welcome! We are an independent chair rental salon and protect our positive vibing culture, therefore want to make sure we (you and us) connect with the right values in mind before we take up one another’s valuable time.  PLEASE be YOU, we are not looking for cookie cutter stylist, we thrive on diversity and positive energy and want you to come as you are every day.  The more info about you the better.

New Cut Inquiry

Welcome! Thank you for your cut request here at Urban, we are excited to work with you. As an independent stylist salon, each stylist controls their own schedule, however we will do our best to match you up to a stylist. It’s important for us to get to know your needs and desires better.