How early should I arrive?

If it is your first visit, then we suggest to arrive 5-10 minutes early, so we can give a tour of our beautiful salon and get you settled in to start your service on time. Guests who arrive 10 minutes past their scheduled service time may not be guaranteed their full service, We understand things happen so we wouldn’t turn someone away and while we manage as best we can timing is not an exact science in the beauty industry so patience and understanding is always appreciated.

What should I share about my hair?

The consultation is the most critical part of your service; it’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship. This is the time that your stylist compiles numerous factors so that you will receive the desired outcome. Some important factors to share with your stylist includes but is not limited to: Types of water (well, chlorinated, swimming), previous chemical services, professional or home color and your at home hair care regimen. When was the last time you loved the hair you wore and what about it did you love? What it is that you don’t like; length, texture, color and time maintenance (how much time do you want to invest not only on a daily basis but on a maintenance schedule.)

What can I expect to pay?

Our prices are listed on our menu, every service is separate therefore will be a separate charge. When pricing is of concern, we highly recommend it be discussed with your stylist during the consultation. While we are conscious about price, our professional recommendations are made based on your desired outcome, you should communicate your financial guidelines so that your experience meets your expectations.

An example of this would be if you come in for a standard touch-up on your new growth and your ends needed refreshing, the recommendation would be made and the price is based upon the product required which is based on hair length and density. If you are a new color client to our salon, we always allow extra time, however, iif a complete transition is in your future, then a consultation is suggested. Exact quotes are impossible over the phone but we do try our best to be in the “ball park”.

Will my stylist push product? NO! Loyalty is Royalty

We provide you with expert recommendations on at home care products that we believe will deliver the desired outcome that you shared during your consultation. Our team does not work on commission so you can be assured that your recommendations are personalized just for you and because we value you keeping your purchases with us you will receive $10 for every $100 you spend, no need to worry about keeping track, your client profile has all of your purchases and recommendations. We always love seeing the surprise on peoples face when they are making a purchase and a $10 discount surprises them! We pride ourselves or providing expert advise and knowledge, we hope you appreciate those efforts by shopping local.

Beauty Secrets are best when shared!

It happens to everyone (and if doesn’t, it should), that moment when someone stops you and asks you “where did you get your hair done?” and you don’t have a pen or paper to write down the valuable information. We made it easy since referrals are the best compliment you can give us. We will provide you with personalized beauty secret cards for when that moment happens, you can hand it to the person with ease and when they bring it to their appointment your profile gets flagged to then receive $5 in the mail. The real excitement happens when five new guests come to the salon within a year from you and you receive a $25 “golden ticket” for your next visit, that’s a total of $50 just for being nice! After all sharing is caring! Do you know someone now? Click here

Is it necessary to schedule future appointments?

It’s a great feeling knowing that your appointment is at the time that fits best in your life and we try to make it fairly seamless for you. We offer our “move” list so that when clients move their appointment time it allows for you to move into that time!

I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but I’d like to see another stylist, is that ok?

At The Urban Salon Team we celebrate being a team, this means that your experience is the most important to us and you can be assured that you won’t upset anyone by experiencing other stylist, quite frankly you’re the only one who would know. You are encouraged to experience all of the talent our team has to offer. Every team member completes The Urban Skill Certification so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. You can have a peace of mind that your formulas are stored securely in our database along with details of your visits and purchase history.

What if my expectations weren’t met?

We want you to be 100% fulfilled with your experience. Most people will feel 75% more confident when their hair is right, we understand how upsetting it can be if you’re when you are unhappy with the results. We are professionals and strive to make you feel and look beautiful. You will receive an “important” card at your first visit which will provide you with all you need ! Stacey is the owner and wants to hear if you are not happy with the performance of any team member

Our goal is to build a relationship with you, it is necessary to communicate your concerns within 48 hours so that we can discuss the best possible options. If you need a “tweak” to your style, we will happy to make any adjustments so you will achieve the best results. If you decided half way through the appointment or after that you want it all over short then we would recommend another appointment (consultations are the key to success)!

If you are within the first three visits of your color transition, we will do our best to reiterate the desired outcome and remind you that it is a journey and not a race to perfection!

We understand the condition of your hair therefore we will be unable to guarantee color services without purchasing the recommended at home care products.

What about tipping?

We appreciate but don’t expect gratuity and we are flattered when you extend your appreciation. Tipping is a personal preference whether it be a percentage or a flat amount. Some people ask if they should tip the owner since back in the day women wouldn’t tip owners. Again, your tips show appreciation for the expertise of your stylist and services performed, however if you choose not to tip, your loyalty proves your appreciation. Tipping is allowed on your card, we want to make your experience as easy as possible, however whenever possible we would like to avoid credit card fees on tips.


There is ample street parking and local parking garages. Some garages offer two hours free, meters around the salon accept coins and credit cards while some on other streets only accept coins. We can make change for your bills if we are supplied. We highly recommend as it will make your experience much more pleasurable, it provides warnings and reloading of time.