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DIY Waiver

I have purchased from Urban Salon Team take-home hair color. I understand that (I) I will be solely responsible for applying at home base on the instruction provided to me. (ii) there are inherent risk to using her color, including allergy reaction and irritation, and how disclosure all know medical issue’s and allergies to Urban Salon Team and (iii) Urban Salon is not responsible for any unexpected or undesired results and reactions. I release and discharge Urban Salon Team , its officers, directors, shareholders, and employee’s from any all liability for personal injuries to myself or others, or any other claims including that are known or unknown foreseen or unforeseen, past, future, or continent or a third party claims arising from or in connection with the take-home hair color

I have been made aware that my desired outcome may vary.

I am aware of all the processes and procedures I have used on my hair in the pass few months and they may alter the process that I need to achieve my desired results. I realize this is very important information and that any information withheld regarding my previous process will increase my chance of damage and the potential for unpredictable chemical reactions

I understand that these are extraordinary times, and this and extraordinary measure. I am agreeing to apply my own color because of this.

I understand that the sale of this at home-color kit is final. The results are my own. Any correction needed or at my own expense.

Signing this Waiver states that I agree to the terms and conditions discuss with me and my colorist and Urban Salon Team is not responsible for the results. This at-home kit is customized as possible for my use, however, I understand that results may vary and exposure to eyes can be harmful.

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We  don’t sell you out, but we will keep you informed. LIFE is always evolving so don’t get left out!

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Welcome! We are an independent chair rental salon and protect our positive vibing culture, therefore want to make sure we (you and us) connect with the right values in mind before we take up one another’s valuable time.  PLEASE be YOU, we are not looking for cookie cutter stylist, we thrive on diversity and positive energy and want you to come as you are every day.  The more info about you the better.

New Cut Inquiry

Welcome! Thank you for your cut request here at Urban, we are excited to work with you. As an independent stylist salon, each stylist controls their own schedule, however we will do our best to match you up to a stylist. It’s important for us to get to know your needs and desires better.