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DIY Home Color/Consults

Hi Urban Beauties!

Is looking at your unwanted root color wearing you down with no time for a salon visit?

STOP! Don’t do it, don’t head to the drugstore or investigate mail order kits. Those options are faceless companies who don’t know you and lets face it, the consultation is generic and the girl on the box can’t be universal to all hair types. The harsh chemicals compromise hair integrity which complicate things farther down the road, not to mention costly recovery. More importantly we’ve built an intimate relationship on trust, we’ve formulated what’s worked and what hasn’t.

Breakthroughs happen after breakdowns. In extraordinary times Urban is dedicated to making sure your needs are met to the best of our abilities. We created a way to provide clients needing root color to find some relief . (sorry highlighted beauties your just going to have to wait for us).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Eligibility: Urban root color clients with a personalized formula created by us. (If you are new to Urban or need a change you will need a virtual consultation, once ordered you will receive an email to discuss zoom times)
  2. Head to our ONLINE STORE, review the waiver then order your kit. Please make sure to indicate a time for curbside pick if that is your preference. Now sit back and relax while Stacey, our fearless leader mixes your magic.
    1. With your DIY Color Kit you are eligible to receive an exclusive hair care bundle which will not only insure your color it will make you feel good by making a difference in women’s lives who have been victimized by sexual abuse.
    2. $94 Incl. 1 each 3 oz. LIFESTYLE shampoo & conditioner (15% Savings)
    3. $114 Incl. 1 each 10 oz LIFESTYLE Shampoo & Conditioner (20% Savings)
      1. Click on the photo below to learn more about the beautiful movement!
  3. When your order is fulfilled, you’ll receive notification where you will receive access to a “how to tutorial” from Stacey herself (that’s worth the purchase in itself)
  4. Start playing! (CAUTION: be prepared to feel more confident)

Tips From The Pros

  • If possible, have someone else help you apply your color (it’s a great bonding experience). You’re probably stuck at home with your partner and/or kids so put them to work.
  • Wear a shirt or smock that buttons or zips up the front to make clean up easy. Begin with dry hair. It is not necessary to wash hair immediately before coloring

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We  don’t sell you out, but we will keep you informed. LIFE is always evolving so don’t get left out!

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Welcome! We are an independent chair rental salon and protect our positive vibing culture, therefore want to make sure we (you and us) connect with the right values in mind before we take up one another’s valuable time.  PLEASE be YOU, we are not looking for cookie cutter stylist, we thrive on diversity and positive energy and want you to come as you are every day.  The more info about you the better.

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Welcome! Thank you for your cut request here at Urban, we are excited to work with you. As an independent stylist salon, each stylist controls their own schedule, however we will do our best to match you up to a stylist. It’s important for us to get to know your needs and desires better.