In this day and age so many have tapped into their innovative mindsets to discover how they can do things themselves (thanks to Joanna Gaines) and we’re no different.

In extraordinary times Urban is dedicated to making sure your needs are met to the best of our abilities. We created a way to provide clients needing root color to find some relief . (sorry hilighted beauties your just going to have to wait for us).

Box color and mail order options are faceless and lets face it, the consultation is generic and the girl on the box can’t be universal to all hair types. The harsh chemicals compromise hair integrity which complicate things farther down the road, not to mention costly recovery. More importantly we’ve built a relationship on trust.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You have to be eligible: Urban root color clients only with a personalized formula created by us. (if you are new to Urban and are in need of a consultation please email with “consult request”
  2. Head to our store here to order your kit.

3. Start playing (CAUTION: be prepared to want to change careers!)

**Tips From The Pros

  • If you can, have someone else help you apply your color. You’re probably stuck at home with your partner and/or kids so put them to work.
  • Wear a shirt or smock that buttons or zips up the front to make cleanup easy. Begin with dry hair. It is not necessary to wash hair immediately before coloring.

With your DIY Color Kit you are eligible to receive an exclusive hair care bundle which will not only insure your color it will make you feel good by making a difference in women’s lives who have been victimized by sexual abuse.

$94 incl. (1) 3 oz. colormoist LIFESTYLE shampoo & (1) LIFESTYLE conditioner (15% savings)

$114 incl. (1) 10 oz. colormoist LIFESTYLE shampoo & (1) LIFESTYLE conditioner (20% off, the typical service tip)


and the world needs more people DOING GOOD.

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