To deliver an award-winning experience for everyone,
we ask that you help us maintain relaxing atmosphere by silencing your devices and refraining from cell conversations.
To further ensure all clients enjoy their salon experience, we also request that children not attend salon appointments.

Urban Shape with Style

Each shape & style session begins with a personalized consultation to ensure we understand your desired outcome,
followed by our signature cranial sacral massage & shampoo and finishes with a personalized style,
lip touch-up and prescribed home care routine to ensure your long lasting desired style.
Please note that blow out styles for thicker, denser, or longer hair will require an additional 15 minutes and a $25 upgrade

Upgrade Urban’s signature 5-minute mask & massage to any service for $25.

Our affordable luxury will reset you for the day!
Collagen facial mask & intensive hair mask, cranial sacral massage, steamed towel & finish with Bio Elements SPF 50 moisturizer.

Female: 65 75 85
Male: 47 52 52
Clipper: 37
Bang Trim: 20
complimentary for Urban clients; 4-6 weeks after a shape & style
Neck & Ear Detail: 30
discounted for Urban clients; 3-4 weeks between cuts.

Urban Styling
Build Your Own Blow Dry (BYOB)- 40

Upgrade your BYOB
Mask & Massage 15
Iron 25
Brow Shaping 15
Conditioning Treatment 15

Blow Out Style: 55 60
 Formal Style: 80 (blow out w/iron)
Formal Upstyle Half: 100 (iron work & 1/2 up)
Formal Upstyle Full: 115 (majority of hair up)
Bridal Formal Style: 130

Urban’s Unique Treatments

Goldwell Custom Kerasilk Treatments: 40
We offer a number of Kerasilk treatments to restore and/ or maintain your hair health.
Stylist note: Clients can experience their first Kerasilk treatment at a discounted rate of $20. 

If your hair is: We suggest:
Fine or lifeless Repower
Unmanageable and/or frizzy Smooth
Fragile and/or in need of rescue Reconstruct
In need of added shine, color enhancement & protection Color Power

Damaged and healthy hair alike can benefit from Urban’s preventative and recovery treatments.

If you want : We suggest: Benefits:
MINIMIZE COLOR FADING Goldwell Color Locking Serum ($8) FadeStopFormula actively strengthens the anchoring of color molecules to minimize fading for 22 shampoos. 
LUSTER & PROTECTION Oribe Shine Gloss ($15) 5-minute high gloss top-coat creates ultimate shine
REMOVE SCALP BUILDUP Oribe Scalp Therapy Treatment ($30) Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp and Oribe’s powerful exfoliating scrub polishes the scalp to remove oil, dirt and excess buildup, while alpha hydroxy acids from fruit & milk sugars clean, leaving pores primed for the soothing condition treatment.
5 minute magical deep cleanse with antioxidant recovery treatment derived from the sunflower to soothe cuticle layer from free radicals and sun/harsh weather damage.
Counter the effects of hard water and mineral deposits (i.e., flaky scalp, dull hair, etc.) Mineral Removal ($25) This unique service aids in cleansing all minerals deposited from the environment and unfiltered water.

Urban Shades

At Urban, we want you to feel as beautiful as you look leaving our care, uniquely we include a signature blow dry style, lip touch up and express gloss with your color service.
(Please note that blow dry styles for thicker, denser, or longer hair will require an additional 15 minutes and a $25 upgrade)

Get to the Root of It

Urban Signature Touch-Up: 80 85 90

Mini Retouch: 45 
At week 3 or 4, mini’s keep visible new growth at bay between regular 6-8 week appointments.
Available Tue. – Fri.  between 11 am and 3 pm
Blow dry style not included 

Base Soften:  65 (45 w/service)
~Marry your highlights and natural color to diffuse contrast for the perfect blended look without creating a regrowth line.
~Increases the time between highlight visits.
~Please note that this will not cover grey but will soften the existing natural color to create a more blended look.
~Signature blow dry style included.

Re-Shading: 40 (5-min at the shampoo station)
Diffuse your salt and pepper hair to more “pepper than salt” 

Urban’s Dimensional Color & Designing

Every person and style is unique, pricing is determined by density & hair length, we invite you to inquire about pricing prior to service.

  Glosses / Highlights
(when combined with another coloring service)

Extra Small (super short) 35
 Small (short) 45
Medium (layers) 55
Large (longer) 6
Additional bowl: 20


Full Head 140 150  155
¾ Head: 130 140 145 (Top, sides & crown)
½ Head: 120 125 130
Top & sides; One color from front hairline to ears and top)
Mini: 75
(Hairline & part, styling not included)
Sectional Enhancements: 75 
Balayage: 175 180 185
Baby Balayage: 140 150+
(Includes express toner at sink)

Root Shadow: 75
Base Soften; 45 (w/service)


All texture services require a consultation,  72-hour cancellation request with $150 non-refundable deposit

Goldwell Anti-Frizz Treatment: 100 (75 w/service)
Chemical Straightening: 150+
Amino Acid Smoothing: 250+
Goldwell Custom Keratin: 350+
American Wave: 300+ (incl. cut)

Facial Waxing

 To protect your sensitive skin we use natural shrink wrap for all waxing services.

               Brows: 20  ($18 w/service)
Lip: 15
Chin: 20
Neck: 20

At Urban, every team member is committed to exceeding your expectations by providing you with a remarkable experience. Every team member has successfully completed Urban Achievement Program to ensure a consistent experience. Pricing varies, consistency does not.

Certified Stylist
Has successfully completed Urban’s Achievement Training Program to deliver consistent, outstanding service that Urban guests have come to value from every team member.

Senior Stylist
Has a minimum of six years of experience and has successfully completed Urban’s Leadership Training Program to deliver advanced technical & professional skills.

Master Stylist
Has a minimum of 10 years of experience and has achieved exceptional leadership and technical recognition through a mastery process.