Are You The Next Urban Salon Team Member?

We are always looking for right team member! We are a unique salon in that we truly work as team, no one is a rock star and whether you are a seasoned stylist or new to the industry, every team member provides value to the guest experience because every completes the skill certification program and performs through the Urban Core Values (see below). As a National Award winning salon for “customer loyalty” beyond the industry averages we must make sure that each team member will provide award winning guest care at the level that they are accustom to

If you’d like to join our team, please submit a job application , include a cover letter and resume, incomplete package will not be considered.

Why we are different

1) Customers are first – we’re obsessed with exceeding their expectations, their loyalty to the urban culture is our priority.

2)We take pride in our work and we are committed to providing outstanding service, which means we are committed to Urban core values (see below)

3) Handsome benefit package which includes earned paid time off, paid holidays, earned bonuses and health care contribution

4) Continuing education keeps us growing, sustainable and inspired

5) It is a happy and professional environment in which individuals are encouraged to grow professionally and technically.

Urban Mission

To provide beautiful products and services that inspire individuals to be the best version of themselves inside and out according to Urban Core Values

Urban Philosophy

To Change the way the world sees beauty, to promote feeling beautiful beyond the reflection in the mirror.

Urban Core Values

Guest focus through teamwork

Without the guests, there is no us! The guests deserve the best our salon has to offer with added value services beyond what other salons have to offer. “Above and beyond” service builds strong relationships to ensure a caring environment. While you may have our favorite stylist,you need not worry about receiving services from others as our entire team is certifiably trained to provide you with exceptional professional

Positive and happy environment

The Urban Salon Team believes that staff and guests to feel positive and happy while at the salon. Humor and laughter in our daily work as well as professional and personal growth encourages a positive environment.

Salon Image

The commitment to our guests begins with how they view us from the outside to the environment that we serve them in. Professional, trendy and modest is who we are in our attire and environment.

Punctual time standards

Guest’s time starts with company time. The value in which we hold time is to always be aware of it and respect it.


Trust promotes stability, confidence and encourages growth. Relationships must have trust so that they can grow and prosper, as a team we will always be truth.

Educated and Knowledgeable

All team members will have the knowledge necessary to convey the correct answers. The salon growth depends on expanding knowledge by all team members. The staff is expected to maintain a high level of self-motivation and commitment to learning.


Preserving natural integrity of our relationships of one’s hair is our foundation.