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The World is your runway…Bradley Beilanski

5 steps to a great salon visit

1) Think ahead - whether it’s your first visit or changing it up a little; think about your life style and maintenance routine. How long are you willing or want to spend on it on a daily basis?  How frequently is reasonable to visit the salon?  When was the last time you loved your hair and what was it that you loved or hated?

2) Pictures are worth a thousand words - language can’t always get the vision across.  A professional stylist can evaluate your photo to better understand you vision regardless of hair type, it is the responsibility of the stylist to communicate what will and won’t work and then make recommendations.

3) Use your voice- if a recommendation is made and your instinct tells you something different then please express your thoughts “ will it make my hair flat?  “I’ve had a razor cut before and I loved it”.  

4) Trust your stylist - If you’ve done your research and planned accordingly its now time to trust.  Maybe you had a short hair cut when you were 15 so you think you should never have short hair again, think again.  Your stylist should understand your concerns and communicate the advantages of their recommendations.

5)Be prepared - Whether it’s a color change, new hair style or first time visit, be prepared for adjustment period.  Be prepared to purchase at home recommendations to recreate your new style.  Be prepared to provide feedback whether it be a phone call, email or review, because stylists have your beauty image in their hands it doesn’t always mean perfection on the first visit (however if it is…shout it to the world!).  It like any relationship, it takes nurturing, communication and understanding.

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